Sunday, April 12, 2009

Diamond dogs party!

On Thursday I attended the Diamond Dogs event brought to you by the event genius  Brian Rabin . What would we do in L.A. without him ? The place was packed and the music was kickin . Everyone was dressed in their best 80's and that was sayin alot because the whole of L.A . had been scoured for days before just so we could look our best . I had calls on my phone from friends from all over town insuring that they were going to the same party from early on in the evening but it didn't look good for the meet up ! As soon as Stacia and I arrived their was a huge line in front of the venue and it wasn't looking good .... where was Dita????? Oh lord!!!! Then like our white knight in mirrors and satin , Brian Rabin came from nowhere and rescued us like two maidens ( don't laugh ) and swept us into the club. Soon after Stacia and I met up with Michael Schmidt  proceeded to hang out with him and his friend  Santino Rice of Project Runway fame. What an amazing guy Santino is ! Fresh off of the Ru Paul show and ready to have a great time Santino and I took a ton of pictures and we could have been mistaken for a new item if you didn't know better . As the night wore on we joined Dita and Gregory Arldt as they took a table close to the dance floor and by the two go go dancers . Lets just say that I have pictures of Gregory and Dita that could be titled " Sit on my Facebook" . Just picture loose balls in looser red shorts hoovering somewhere over Dita and Gregory's virgin heads! hahahaha
I ended the night having a great time lipsyncing a crazy montage with Gregory on the dance floor and trying to get an ice tea at the bar... no such thing, just alcohol. booohooo . 

Back to the O.C.  and  my real life kiddies ... more to come 



  1. Sounds like a great time! I keep checking your website to see where you are performing next. Cheers girl!
    Devon OXOX

  2. I swear, your adventures are hilarious! You look divine, as usual!